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2013, Exhibition

Venezia – IT

The Ship curated, designed and built the venetian edition of Archizines, a celebration of the recent emergence of a plethora of alternative and independent architectural publications around the globe. ‘Archizines’ invites visitors to peruse 90 titles from over 20 countries, alongside video interviews with their creators. From the 3rd to the 18th of July 2013 a traveling pavilion wandered through Venice and IUAV University of Architecture, bringing the show to a different venue every day.



The exhibition has been reinterpreted in order to respond to the lack of spaces available for use by students in the city and to limited economic resources.



The itinerant pavilion, recalling the ancient venetian tradition of temporary structures located in public spaces, aims to break the boundaries between the designated spaces for culture and the public realm of Venice. In opposition to a city prone to mass tourism commodification Archizines Venezia tries to define an alternative practice, taking full advantage of the unique urban condition of Venice in order to use the streets and squares as the main stages for the exhibition.


The act of carrying the pavilion, a 2,26 meter wide wooden wheel revolving on the stone floors of the island, plays a key role in the mise-en-scene of this process. The wheel is an architectonic structure and a social device providing and framing both an opportunity for discussion and meeting place.


In order to contain the costs part of the pavilion construction has been carried out reusing timber collected by the IUAV Senate of Students from the Canadian Pavilion at the 2012 Venice Art Biennale.


ARCHIZINES is a showcase of recent architecture fanzines, journals and magazines from around the world that provide an alternative to the established architectural press




Launched by curator Elias Redstone, with art direction by Folch Studio, the project celebrates and promotes independent and alternative publishing as an arena for architectural commentary, criticism and research, and as a creative platform for new photography, illustration and design.


Alternative and independent publishing has had a dynamic and important relationship with architecture over the years and a recent resurgence has seen new titles emerging in many countries, from Argentina, Belgium and Chile to the UK and USA. ARCHIZINES brings together this international collection of publications for the first time as an important resource for architects, designers, critics, photographers and anyone interested in discussing the buildings and spaces we inhabit.

The publications vary in style (from photocopied zines to professionally printed and bound magazines) and content (from architectural research to personal narratives about buildings and cities). The commonality is a shared interest in documenting and discussing the spaces we occupy in printed form. Architecture and/or urbanism must be intrinsic to the publication and an alternative or independent agenda must be demonstrated. As well as adding to architectural discourse, these publications are lovingly made objects to hold and to keep.


The ARCHIZINES exhibition was launched at the Architectural Association in London in 2011 and has visited in total 34 cities around the world, from Shanghai to Sydney, and Los Angeles to Buenos Aires. The tour ended in Moscow in 2015 and the archive of publications has been transferred to the National Art Library at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Various events took place throughout the tour to further explore the relationship between publishing and architecture.

curated by Elias Redstone


designed and Built by Francesca Romana Dell’Aglio, Giorgio De Vecchi,

Anna Livia Friel, Benjamin Gallegos Gabilondo, Marco Provinciali


supported by Senato degli Studenti IUAV


photos by Giorgio De Vecchi,  Marco Provinciali, Gian Paolo Guacci





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