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Borgo La Mistica

2016, Under construction,

Roma – IT

The project is part of a rural redevelopment in the outskirts of Rome, on a site where a set of conflicting phenomena typical of Roman sub-urban landscape appear together: archaeological ruins, unplanned industrial settlements, major infrastructures, agricultural heritage, and ultimately, new public uses. The project consists in the insertion of a rectangular porch measuring 110 x 55m within a former farm complex made of four buildings. The porch – a recurring typology in roman architecture – defines a new courtyard in between the existing constructions. It frames a new space inside which fragments of the landscape are recollected to form a garden. Marking a discontinuity within the informal development of this suburban area of the city, the porch acts as a ordering gesture and opens up new relationships between the interior of the buildings, the protected space of the courtyard and the surroundings.


Women at their daily gathering beside an ancient roman wall

Lovers parking beneath a pyramidal tomb of the second century A.D.

Joel Sternfeld, 1990


Forma Urbis Severiana

"Le Antichità Romane"

Giovan Battista Piranesi,


model photo by Piercarlo Quecchia (DSL Studio)