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The State of the Art of Architecture

2020, Exhibition

Triennale di Milano – IT

One of the most fitting definitions of what a model represents for an architect was given by Germano Celant, who stated that the model “is the first step towards a story from which infinite variables can arise. (…) it reveals the pleasure of waiting for the real object. It determines the possibility of an a priori control, at the intersection between desire and research. It is a “something”, still undefined in its boundaries and shapes, materials and colors, that claims to open up a destiny.”1


Three models of built and unbuilt designs conveying this sense of desire and expectation are complemented by three photographs of the same project or place. The photographs offer, differently from the models which are an absolute projection of the designer’s will, an interpretation of the project that starts from its reality, revealing the unplanned and unexpected.


1Germano Celant, Il progetto è un oggetto, in Rassegna 32, 1987


The State of the Art of Architecture

February 16 – March 29, 2020

Triennale di Milano


Curated by: Joseph Grima


Projects by: (ab)Normal; Adjustments Agency; APPARATA; Bollería Industrial; Center for Spatial Technologies; DOMA; feminist architecture collaborative; Fosbury Architecture; Fru*Fru; GAFPA; Heat Island; Ibiye Camp; KOSMOS; Mae-Ling Lokko; Marjan van Aubel; Mathieu Bujnowskyj, Titouan Chapouly (; MBL Architectes; Michaela Büsse; MILLIØNS; Nashin Mahtani; NM3; OASI; Olivia Page; OMMX; Parasite 2.0; Pedro Pitarch; Plan Comun; PLSTCT; REAL; Rebediani Scaccabarozzi Paesaggisti; Romina Grillo Liviu Vasiu; Something Fantastic; Studio GISTO; Studio Ossidiana; Supervoid; The Decorators; Traumnovelle; Trees.


photos: Piercarlo Quecchia (DSL studio)  - Gianluca di Ioia